New Video Inspiration

I have uploaded some new videos, which have inspired my work. These are all just from my walks home and I was wondering whether it may be a good idea to take stills from the images and keep soundtracks of the sounds featured, or whether it may be better to redo the videos and have accompanying imagery.

I am still rather confused on the format of my work and how to make it better.

Bad quality for some reason.

I notice the sound more than the imagery in these clips.

Research To Type Up

I have started doing more research into the contextual side of my photography, as well as where I can take influence from other artists into moving my work forward.

This is the first time that I have managed to sit down and think clearly about how I could develop this project and have found it to be a very productive experience!

Next: Write all of this up and do further research into various artists/photographers.

Why did I start paying so much attention?

I started recording videos for myself when I started experiencing symptoms of depersonalization-derealization disorder (though I suffer more from derealization. .

Symptoms of derealization include:

  • Feelings of being alienated from or unfamiliar with your surroundings — for example, like you’re living in a movie or a dream
  • Surroundings that appear distorted, blurry, colourless, two-dimensional or artificial, or a heightened awareness and clarity of your surroundings
  • Distortions in perception of time, such as recent events feeling like distant past

The symptoms generally occur after experiencing trauma, and taking photos and videos has been a good way to ground myself when experiencing somewhat distressing symptoms.

Another thing that has been important to me is texture, so I think I may try to capture textures that have been useful in helping with my symptoms, as well as the ephemeral imagery.

Daily Posts: Ephemeral

I started researching the definition of ephemeral and what it could mean to other people. For a lot of people, it was events like weddings, but I realised that others had similar interests in light, such as myself.

A Photo A Week Challenge: A Study in Light
“Eventually ending up in the front hallway where Xavier enjoys its late afternoon warmth.”

The images are moments of solace found in simple day to day things and I found that I love “amateur” photos. I love the simple act of making a memory, yet seeing something so ordinary as beautiful.

I feel like utilising a snapshot aesthetic and using photography as a documentation for my own memories and allowing myself to relive simple moments which I find solace in too.


I have been struggling to conjure up an idea for this project, so I started out by mapping out where I left off.

My last official project featured plants in people’s homes, and though I would love to continue this style of project, I do not currently have the time or people willing to assist with the project, so I brought myself back to the drawing board.

What is something that my work regularly features? What interests me?

Something simple which is incorporated into the meaning of photography itself… LIGHT.

I have been recording various videos on my phone for personal reasons recently, and this felt like something I could relate to my photographic work. I love light and I find that the sounds and visions in front of me are soothing for my mental health, as well as stimulating to look back on. All of these moments are ephemeral and I think that the theme of “ephemeral” is something I would like to focus a project on.

This feeling of being immersed and at one with what’s around me is something that I feel speaks through my photography, so I hope to incorporate moments like this into my photography.