Week 4: Reflection

This week, we were given the task of finding students and getting into groups to create a collaborative project. I paired up with Becca and we created some work orienting around her mental health, and her feelings during the week of the collaboration.

We primarily started off with some mobile images, which Becca took earlier in the week and I created some images using my own interpretation.

During the webinar, I only had the images which I was using for inspiration and planned to take some images that day. My interpretation of the self-portraits was to take some photos outdoors and use nature to convey a certain mood.

I focused on fragility, motion (representing anxiety in particular) and a sense of confusion.

Here are the images which we put together:

Since we’re both working on similar projects outside of this micro project, I found this to be enlightening and made me feel better about sharing parts of my own mental health, since it sometimes makes me self-conscious. I also feel like some of the images from this shoot can be used for my own project too!

In regards to peer feedback, I was in a webinar with Nicola and Steven.

Nicola was doing a project with her daughter and I found the imagery to be really intriguing, but we all agreed that as a collective, the images didn’t connect as well as they could. I really liked the concept, as well as the aspect of street photography, as it raises so many questions.

Steven was doing a project orienting around life and topics which are a part of our day to day life. I found that Steven’s work had a stock photo aesthetic and was extremely cleanly shot! I really liked the imagery and wanted to know the answers to many questions. The only thing that didn’t work for this project was a culture barrier, as the daily things in Steven’s life were very subjective to his culture. This isn’t a bad thing but it can be difficult if the audience is mainly based in the west; we also found that the moon in the imagery (though very nice), added a dimension of a timeline, which also didn’t fit in with the imagery.

I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s projects and despite the small amounts of criticism, I found their projects to be extremely interesting and very nicely shot!

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